Software Development

With the diverse range of IT frameworks, operating systems, hardware configurations and carriers today, KewKut’s team of software engineers have the experience and capabilities to develop and deliver software across a variety of languages and platforms. KewKut’s approach to software development provides our clients with a ‘one stop shop’ for their software development needs. Partner with KewKut and rest assured your software development needs will be met.
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Testing & QA

KewKut's testing and quality assurance services provide a comprehensive suite of tools and frameworks to find, eliminate and prevent errors. We provide our clients with both manual and automated testing environments, and have established quality assurance frameworks that allow KewKut to provide end-to-end delivery.  Get in touch to learn more about our comprehensive approach to quality, we would love to hear from you.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Proactive monitoring can fix issues before they interrupt your business and often before staff experience a problem.  Thresholds are set for key elements and if performance varies outside of a predetermined range, KewKut will notify the network administrator or support team via email and other alert methods.  Monitoring your IT infrastructure and systems is just as important as regular servicing of your car.  KewKut India has the expertise to effectively monitor your IT environment to optimise performance and maximise ROI.

KewKut India Pvt. Ltd.

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Development Centre

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